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Seismic Behavior of Soft Storey Building with Static and Dynamic Earthquake Loading

Saurabh Prakashrao Nirkhe


Soft first storey is a typical feature in the modern multi-storey constructions in urban India. Though multi-storied buildings with soft storey floor are inherently vulnerable to collapse due to earthquake, their construction is still widespread in the developing like India. Functional and Social need to provide car parking space at ground level and for offices open stories at different level of structure far out-weighs the warning against such buildings from engineering community. With the availability of fast computers, so that software usage in civil engineering has greatly reduced the complexities of different aspects in the analysis and design of projects. In this paper an investigation has been made to study the seismic behavior of soft storey building with different arrangement in soft storey building when subjected to static and dynamic earthquake loading. It is observed that, providing infill improves resistant behavior of the structure when compared to soft storey provided.

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