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A Review on Structural Analysis and Design of Highrise Structure using Transfer Floor

Nilofer Khan, Jaya Ramchandani, L. G. Kalurkar


The tremendous changed in Modern infrastructure over the last few decades in multistoried buildings contains a self-sufficient thought of architecture. The Structures constructed now a days will no longer possess same geometrical configuration on each floor rather than a varied range of configuration. The current architectural demand give rise to a structural element such as transfer Floor or transfer beam/girder. The provision made for transferring very large intensity loads to the columns underneath a beam is called as transfer beam or floor. The main aim of this review is to study the load transfer path using transfer floor. This work also aims to study the changes in structures with & without transfer floor and transfer girder for static and dynamic analysis. Such type of structural elements i.e. transfer floor are rigorous and required special analysis.

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