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Analysis and Design of Tapered Web Pre-engineered Building (PEB) Structure for Siesmic Zones

Pushkaraj Mane, S.G. Ban


The use of PEB instead of a conventional steel building (CSB) design idea resulted in a number of benefits, since the members were designed according to a bending moment diagram, lowering the amount of material required. Because of its high-quality pre-design and prefabrication, as well as its light weight and cost-effectiveness, this methodology is flexible. If we use ordinary steel constructions, the time frame will be longer, and the cost will be higher, making it uneconomical in the long run. This research project will bring together many issues that must be considered when designing web-tapered portal frames, as well as assess whether this way of construction is safe and worth pursuing as an alternative to traditional building approaches. The purpose of this study is to compare traditional steel buildings to modern steel buildings. This study examined and built web tapered portal frames and conventional steel buildings using computer tools.  Steel portal frames with web tapered webs are appropriate for building in isolated and hilly places.

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