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Preparation of Layout and Estimation of Sports Complex using Autodesk AutoCAD and Microsoft Excel Software: Review

Molly Mathew, Ajay P. Mane, Mansi P. Parmar, Ashish H. Thakkar


Sports, recreational activities are now widely accepted as fundamental elements of a good life. As sports being an important aspect of social life of human being, it brings in health and fitness followed by entertainment and social gatherings. In the process of development of infrastructure required for the betterment of sports in the society, the availability of sports complexes and sports ground becomes essential. A well designed infrastructure of a sports complex and its aesthetics not only inculcates enthusiasm among the players but also provides a better experience to the spectators. Many things has to be taken into consideration while planning sports complex. Sports complex is closely a collection of well-balanced grouping of indoor and outdoor game facilities offering a wide range of activities on comparatively small land areas. This project mainly focuses on preparation of layout and estimating cost of construction. Cost estimation predicts the quantity, cost and price of the resources required to complete a specified job. Estimation proves to be very useful in budget planning process. A construction cost estimation basically helps in providing a precise picture of complete expenditure required to complete this project. It plays a vital role in construction management as cost is one of the basic constraints of construction management.


Keywords: AutoCAD, Sports complex, Estimation, Designing, Badminton court, Tennis court.

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