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A Review on Waste Bakelite as Replacement Partially Over Coarse Aggregate in Concrete Mix

Shrestha Didwaniya, Shashwat Srivastava, Shakti Kumar


Various components in India are made up of Bakelite. Saffron Global Dumping of waste Bakelite through landfill is not allowed due to it effect on soil mass and open burning is not allow because of the emission of harmful gases which cause air pollution. A large space of storehouse requires to store large amount of area for keeping waste Bakelite which becomes management problem of waste. Despite managing waste Bakelite can be challenging because it can lead to the formation of microbeads in filling land over time, use of waste Bakelite in concrete mix can be a suitable method of waste management of Bakelite to prevent environment. In order to overcome this problem, many researchers involved in making waste Bakelite as a useful material for Civil engineering field. The utilization of waste Bakelite as a partial substitution of coarse aggregate in concrete mix has been examine in last few years. This study aims to investigate the mechanical performance of concrete when incorporating waste Bakelite as a partial substitute for coarse aggregate. The research explores the strength characteristics of concrete and solid blocks, with a focus on the partial replacement of coarse aggregate with Bakelite. Some percentage of Coarse aggregate was replaced with waste Bakelite by weight. The inventive use of Bakelite waste as a partly replacement by coarse aggregate in concrete mix is a feasible solution to the problem of management of waste and the environmental related concern to the dumping of non-biodegradable plastics. The conclusion shows that the raising in the percentage of waste Bakelite decreases density and the compressive strength of concrete block samples.

Keywords: Bakelite, coarse aggregate, concrete cubes, solid block, compressive strength

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