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Experimental Investigation of Concrete Properties for Strength and Durability with Partial Replacement of Mixture of Nano-Silica

Md Khalid Alam, Harsh Rathore


This study explores the effects of partial cement replacement with nano-silica on the
properties of concrete, focusing on both strength and durability aspects. Compressive strength
tests were conducted at two key ages, 7 days and 28 days, to evaluate the concrete's performance
under various conditions. The nano-silica was introduced into the concrete mix at three different
percentages: 0.3%, 0.6%, and 1% by weight of the cement content. Our experimental findings
indicated a remarkable enhancement in early-age compressive strength when nano-silica was
introduced into the concrete mixture. As the percentage of nano-silica increased, this strength
improvement became even more pronounced. Additionally, we observed a slight but consistent
overall increase in the compressive strength of the concrete when nano-silica was incorporated.
These results suggest that nano-silica can significantly influence the concrete's strength
characteristics, making it a promising additive for enhancing concrete performance. Furthermore,
this study contributes valuable insights into the potential of nano-silica to improve the durability
of concrete structures. The findings presented in this research are expected to be of great
significance in the field of construction materials and can potentially lead to the development of
more sustainable and resilient concrete mixtures.

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