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Study the Behavior of Single cell Rectangular box girder bridge with the help of AASHTO and IRC loadings

Mohd Junaid, Arvind B. Vawale, V.B. Chavan


Generally bridge carries a road or railway across natural or artificial obstacles such as river, canal
or another railway or another road. Bridge construction is one of the difficult traffic infrastructure
constructions. The structural method of different girder bridge having no of girder. The modeling and
analysis of bridge structure is little bit more time consuming and costly as compared to others
structure. In this paper present an investigation into behaviors like displacement bending moment,
torsion are represented for rectangular concrete girder bridges considering 3-D model using CSI-
bridge software. FEM models are prepared for same span length having same material properties for
different load combination for different codes i.e. IRC and AASHTO.
Keywords:RCC rectangular box girder, Csi-bridge software,FEM, IRC and AASHTO code.

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