A Prologue Study for Feasibility of Passage for Urban Mass Transit System in Dahod City

Ashutosh Shanker Trivedi, Zoeb Taizoon Dohadwala


Economic growth and prosperity of a nation widely depends on cities and towns. These cities and towns generates almost two third of the country’s income and 90% of government revenues, while only one third of India’s total population lives in cities and towns. As India is becoming more urbanized, the economic growth of the nation will be dependent on urban areas. The momentum of economic growth can only be sustained if cities and towns works and functions efficiently. By efficiency here it means that to maximize the resources used towards the contribution of national income. Effectiveness of transport system is directly proportional to efficiency of a city. Effective transport system moves goods and people through the city. Economic growth and development becomes brittle due to poor transportation system, which results into losses at international and domestic levels in competitiveness. In industrialized world India suffer one of the worse traffic congestion, pollution at increasing rate, delay in transport and more traffic accidents, but India have a lower number of vehicles per capita and lower vehicle ownership than the other developed countries. This paper provides an overview of urban transport issues and its problem solution in city of Dahod of Gujarat state.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37628/jtets.v6i1.598


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