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N. Vijay Kumar, S.S. Asadi, Ch. Datta Karthik, P. Guruswamy Goud, B. Bhanu Prasad


Out of the many types of soils that prevail on the Earth’s crust Expansive soils are observed to be highly problematic by nature. Particularly under conditions of loading, these soils are highly prone to fail due to shear, crushing or excessive settlement. These factors end up expansive soils as unsuitable soils for any construction. If the strength of the soil is poor, then soil stabilization is duly needed. Stabilization is a technique used for improving characteristics of native and weak soils. It can also help in modifying the properties to improve its engineering performance both in terms of strength and durability.  Ultimately, this operation helps the weak soils suitable for the purpose of construction and makes it resistant against shear failure. There are numerous stabilizers used for soil stabilization. In the   present   case study, we are using the materials Fly-Ash and Cement to stabilize the Expansive Soils and observe, what is the optimum percentage that these materials should be used to provide maximum stabilization to these soils. 


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