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Thermally Induced Stresses in Cross-Ply Laminated Plates Using Four Variable Theory

Sanjay Kantrao Kulkarni


A thermal analysis of simply supported isotropic, orthotropic, two layer antisymmetric and three layer symmetric composite laminated plates is presented. A four variable trigonometric shear deformation theory is used. This theory has only four unknown variables as compared to other higher order theories with five or more than five unknown variables. This is a displacement based equivalent single layer theory. The in-plane displacement field of this theory consists of trigonometric function in terms of thickness coordinate to evaluate shearing strains. The theory satisfies shear stress free conditions at top and bottom surfaces of the plate. The equations of motion are obtained by using the principle of virtual work. A closed-form Navier’s solution is obtained. The results obtained by present theory are compared with other higher order theories with five or more than five variables to assess the efficiency of the present theory.


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