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Nonlinear Pushover Analysis of RC Frame Considering SSI Effect: A Review

Akshay Singh Gurjar, Aditya Sharma, Mukesh Pandey


It is the need of modern era to go for the safe, reliable and economic structure design with special reference to seismic response of the structure. The classical methods which are based on elastic analysis are not able to predict the structural behaviour under the seismic forces. On the other hand the Pushover Analysis (POA) gives more reliable results. The POA is a static –nonlinear analysis. In this method the gravity load is considered and monotonic displacement –controlled lateral load pattern is applied. This load is continuously increased and the structure moves from elastic to inelastic region until an ultimate condition is achieved. Most of the time structure is analysed with the fixed base. In fact the under the seismic forces the soil also contributes to change the response of the structure. This research work has been carried out to understand the use and precision of pushover analysis (POA). A three dimensional finite element of nonlinear pushover analysis for Reinforced Concrete Buildings is modeling to study the effects of soil structural interaction (SSI). Sap2000 finite element software package is employed in all the numerical analysis.

Keywords: Soil Structure Interaction, Pushover Analysis, RC Building, Nonlinear, SAP2000

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