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Thermo-elastic flexural analysis of cross-ply laminated beams

Sanjay Kantrao Kulkarni


The present paper is concerned with the thermal analysis of symmetric and antisymmetric cross ply laminated beams subjected to temperature distribution across the thickness of laminated beam. A higher order shear deformation theory is used. The displacement field in terms of thickness coordinate is expanded up to cubic term to have a quadratic variation of the transverse shear strains and transverse shear stresses. This avoids the need of shear correction factor. The governing equations and boundary conditions are obtained by using the principal of virtual work. The thermal displacements and stresses obtained by present higher order shear deformation theory are compared and discussed with the results available in the literature.

Keywords: laminated beam, shear deformation, shear stress,thermal displacements, thermal stresses

Cite this Article: Sanjay K. Kulkarni. Thermoelastic Flexural Analysis of Cross-Ply Laminated Beams. International Journal of Structural Engineering and Analysis. 2020; 6(1): 1–12p.

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