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Review on Seismic Analysis of Overhead Storage Reservoir

Nisha Paikrao, Madhuri N. Mangulkar


Water is a human basic need for daily life. Sufficient water distribution in a certain area is depending on the design of a water tank. An overhead water tank is a large water storage container constructed to hold water supply at a certain height to pressurization of the water distribution system. Thus Water tanks are very important for public utility and industrial structure. Huge water mass concentrated at the top of a slender supporting staging which is the most critical consideration for the failure of the tank during earthquakes. Elevated water tanks are the most critical and strategic structures and these structures were heavily damaged or collapsed during earthquakes effects on drinking water supply, cause to fail in preventing large fires and substantial economic loss. Since the elevated tanks are frequently used in seismic active regions, the seismic behavior of these tanks has to be investigated in detail. The literature review related to the water tank has been carried out. Theoretical information regarding water tanks and its damages during the past earthquakes has been reviewed. Technical aspects and articles published in the proceedings and journals have been referred to determine the scope of work and to understand the present status of the study.

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