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Comparative Study on Reinforced Cement Concrete Structures and Concrewall Structures

Shubhangi J. Patil, S.P. Nirkhe


Developing countries especially those in India, are facing the challenge of a growing middle class with greater demand for housing facilities. Faster and more affordable methods of construction are being sought after it, more than ever before as the action of emergency response. Increased innovation aimed at reducing the cost of construction, and creating affordable housing, is being integrated into methods of building and construction. This has led to introduction of components pre-fabricated using assembly line methods, in the construction process, which reduces the negative aspects of in-situ construction such as theft, unreliable supply of labor, unpredictable weather conditions, unprecedented fluctuations in prices of materials and plenty of energy consumption. A comparative analysis is conducted based on Discrete event Simulation and Scheduling integration methodology to calculate duration of each activity of construction process and determine the resource utility, productivity of resources for Schnell Concrewall and RC moment frame with brick infill construction technologies. This research paper will utilize time study method to determine the time taken by manpower and equipment to perform each task and show advances in technology that are making management of productivity, resource utility, cost, time which are more predictable.

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