Behaviour of Vertically Loaded Piled Raft

Jaymin Dattu Patil, Sandeep A Vasanwala, Chandresh H Solanki


In order to understand the load-settlement behaviour and load sharing of piled raft resting on sand soil, 1-g model tests were conducted.The parameter studied were the influence of pile spacing and number of piles. The testing program includes tests on models of unpiled raft and rafts on 4 and 9 piles. The model piles beneath the raft are non-displacement piles.The improvement in ultimate bearing capacity is represented by load improvement ratio, foundation stiffness and reduction in settlement is represented by settlement reduction ratio.The influence of pile spacing and number of piles on the load improvement ratio,foundation stiffness and settlement reduction ratio are presented and discussed.The results of this tests shows that as the pile spacing and number of piles increases, the load improvement ratio, foundation stiffness and settlement reduction ratio increases.


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