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Solid Waste Management by adopting Incineration

Sachin B. Salve, Amey Waikar


Incineration has been employed extensively for waste disposal, involving household, harmful, and medical waste but there is escalating public concern over the advantages of combusting the waste against the health risk from pollutants produced in combustion. Waste Incineration and Public Health advises the rising debate with the latest information accessible on incineration, pollution, and human health alongside with expert conclusions and commendations for advance research and enhancement of such areas as risk communication. The committee delivers details on: Practices involved in incineration and how contaminants are discharged. Environmental dynamics of contaminants and routes of human disclosure. Tools and methods for assessing conceivable human health effects. Scientific concerns relevant to future regulatory actions.


Keywords: Incineration, combusting the waste, Solid Waste Management, pollution, risk communication

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