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Soil Stabilization with Waste Shredded Rubber Tyre Chips

Intha Srinivasa Reddy, V. Rajasekhar Reddy


Soil stabilization means modification of the soil properties by the addition of any other material to meet the required engineering requirements. Construction engineering structures on the weak soils are considered to be unsafe. The load bearing capacity of these weak soils can be improved by means of various ground improvement techniques. Use of waste shredded rubber tyre chips in geotechnical engineering for enhancing the soil properties has received great attention in the recent years. In the present investigation, waste shredded rubber tyre chips have been used as the reinforcement material. 2% cement as binding agent, which was randomly included into the soil at different percentages of waste shredded rubber tyre chips content of 0%, 5% and 10% by weight of soil. The samples were subjected to California bearing ratio (soaked and unsoaked) tests. The tests have clearly shown a significant improvement in the shear strength and bearing capacity parameters of the soil. The results obtained are compared with unreinforced samples and inferences are drawn towards the usability and effectiveness of shredded rubber reinforcement as a replacement for deep or raft foundation and on pavement subgrade soil as a cost effective approach. The low strength and high compressible soft clayey soils were found to be improved by addition of waste shredded rubber tyre chips and cement. It can be concluded that waste shredded rubber tyre chips can be considered as a good earth reinforcement material based on laboratory results on limited tests.

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