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Replacement of Natural Fine Aggregate by Copper Slag

K. R. Dorik, V.R. Upadhye, A.V. Pathak


This paper presents the applications of replacement of natural fine aggregate using copper slag. The study is conducted by replacing the fine aggregate from 0 to 100% at the interval of 20% on M25 grade concrete and 1.8% superplasticizer by weight of cement. The compressive strength, split tensile strength and flexural test is studied and reported. It is observed that replacement of natural fine aggregate at 40% (CS40) gives higher compressive strength and split tensile strength however the flexural strength is maximal at 60% (CS60). It is observed that as compared with conventional concrete with natural fine aggregate the compressive strength of CS40 increases by 33.60%, split tensile strength of CS40 increases by 22.69% and flexural strength of CS60 by 4.93%. However it is observed that the density of concrete of CS40 increases by 9.69% which can be used as high density material for construction of concrete roads, machine foundations etc.

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