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Utilization of Paper Waste in Making of Cement Concrete

Reena Devi, Sonam Kumari, Shivam Singhal


Cement manufacturing industry is one of the main carbon dioxide constructing sources moreover burning of fossil fuels and deforestation and concrete industry is one of the major consumers of natural virgin materials. India is the country that is facing a severe contest in the disposing the waste in landfills throughout the country. The landfill disposal is resulting in high disposal costs and potential environmental problems. If the current situation continues, waste production will raise by 5% each year, which will eventually result in saturated capacity of landfills by 2020. The present paper focuses on the results of a study of use of paper waste as additional material in concrete mixes to be used for housing projects, for which it must be guaranteed that the resulting concrete has the proper mechanical strength. The mixes of concrete containing numerous contents of the waste were prepared and various basic characteristics such as compressive strength and water absorption were strong minded and compared with a control mix. Four types of concrete mixes with 0%, 10%, 15% and 20% of paper waste as a supplementary material to the concrete were set for M-25 concrete. The further research on use of paper sludge can be carried out in concrete manufacturing as a new recycled material.

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