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Study on Partial Replacement of Cement by Bagasse Ash in Cement Concrete

Vijay Chauhan


Today, researchers all over the world are trying to utilize agricultural wastes like corncob ash, rice husk ash, bagasse ash as a partial replacement of cement, thereby reducing cement production and greenhouse gases emissions. Sugarcane bagasse is a fibrous waste product of sugarcane refining industry and being disposed to open landfills causing serious environmental impacts. In this study, Bagasse ash was partially replaced in the ratio of 0%, 5%, 10%, 15% and 25% by the weight of OPC43 grade cement in M25 concrete mixes with water –cement ratio of 0.43. Fresh concrete tests like slump cone test as well as hardened concrete test like compressive strength were undertaken at the age of 7days, 28 days and results were compared with control mix. From the entire experimental work & studies it is concluded that mix M25 with the 10% replacement of cement by bagasse ash results in maximum compressive strength, similar concrete properties and further environmental and economic advantages can also be exploited by using bagasse ash as a partial cement replacement material.

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