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Suitability of Concrete Containing Fly Ash Along with Alccofine

Yaman Satyavir Singh Singal


With the growing urbanization and rising standard of living and purchasing power of men the demand of concrete does not look to become dormant. But due to limited supply of non-renewable constituents of concrete they are needed to be preserved for the future generation, so there is utmost necessity of using supplementary waste materials in concrete. With advancement in science and technology itis made possible that the waste materials like fly ash, lime stone quarry fine, silica fume, blast furnace slag, etc. with some next generation developed materials like Alccofine can be used as replacement of cement to address the issue of environmental pollution. In this paper an attempt has been made to investigate the strength and shrinkage characteristics of fly ash-based geopolymer concretes by partially replacing cement by fly ash in different proportions and also supplementing it with another cementatious micro fine material Alccofine in order to compensate the loss in strength of concrete due to addition of fly ash at higher percentage levels.

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