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Modulus of Elasticity of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete with Metakaolin

Vishal Sabale, Manali Borgave


In this paper the attempt has been made to study the results of an experimental investigation using steel fiber (SF) and metakaolin (MK) on the properties of structural concrete. Crimped steel fibers of aspect ratio 85 and MK were used in this investigation. The effects of these fiber and MK on workability, density, and on various strengths of M60 grade concrete are studied. Fiber content varies from 2.5% to 10% by weight of cement and MK content varies from 5% to 20% by weight of cement. Workability of wet mix is found to be reduced with increased fiber content. Static modulus of elasticity and dynamic modulus of elasticity are calculated from formula available in literature and compared with experimental results. A significant improvement in the various strengths is observed due to inclusion of fibers and MK in the concrete.

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