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Analysis of Gravity Dam for Different Rectangular Openings Sizes

P.K. Imliya, B. P. Mudgal


Gravity dams are very important structures. Different parameters which come in loading combination are temperature, dead weight, earthquake, hydrostatic pressure and water load. From the study, it has been found that the properties which affect the performance of a dam are static properties and thermal properties. Static properties of the concrete dam are strength, Poisson’s ratio and elastic modulus while thermal properties are specific heat, thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity. In the present work Koyna dam is considered for analysis. Stress and deflection generated in the dam is analyzed. A square opening is placed in the left bottom corner of the dam. Two dimensions of opening are studied in the present work. From the results, it has been found that for large opening size deflection and stress generated in the dam increases.

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