Clash Detection in Appropriate Technology Building Using Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Aarthipriya. V, Chitra. G


Building Information modelling (BIM) is a highly efficient software in Architecture, Engineering and construction (AEC industry). Clash detection technique is used to minimize the error as well as to minimize the cost and time. Especially in 2D drawings, lots of problems emerges at the time of execution. One of the best tools used in this project is clash detection tool which coordinates the building system in 3D models. This clash detection application enables the potential problems to be identified early in the design phase. This is a study of Appropriate Technology Building in Madurai, Tamil Nadu with G+1 floor which consisting of an architectural, structural and Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) BIM models and their consequent clash detection. In this work, software such as AECOsim (Architectural, Engineering, Construction Operations Simulation) Building Designer is used. Three separate clash tests were conducted: Architectural Model versus Structural Model, Architectural Model versus MEP Model and Structural Model versus MEP Model. The results show totally 184 clashes are identified and they are reduced to 28 clashes. Quantity analysis is carried out. This shows that nearly 5% of the quantity of materials and 4.5% of cost of materials was saved. Thus, it makes the completion of the project on time and avoids cost and time overruns. The future of BIM technology ensures real-time review and rectification, minimizing the chances of project clashes and reduces money and saves time.


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